Our Organization

New boardBoard Members of Dorson Community Foundation – pictured right (past/present)

Founded in 1992 in East Orange, NJ, Dorson Community Foundation is dedicated to opening doors, creating opportunities, encouraging continued education, and developing a sense of self-worth for inner city youth.

By instilling a sense of responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, and integrity, we want our youth to become competent employees and leaders of tomorrow.

The Foundation also works to foster relationships between the young and the elderly by focusing on shared experiences and one-on-one communication; and we offer various programs motivated by a desire to create positive environments and opportunities.

Board Members

  • Founder & Chairman: Sonia Y. Scott
  • President: Sahai T. Cole
  • Secretary: Natasha A. Scott
  • Treasurer: Leslie Daley, CPA
  • General Member: Lanise Fornville
  • General Member: Alayjah Watson

To learn more about Dorson Community Foundation, including how you can volunteer, please click here or call 973.676.6300.